Friday, October 12, 2012

These Legs

   These legs aren't necessarily old, but they are not anywhere as young as they used to be. They used to be a lot stronger, and more powerful than they are today. Thats not to say that in anyway, shape, or form that they are as weak as they ever are going to be.

  These legs are tired of chasing. They are tired of running. These legs, they need a break, a hiatus. They no longer have the energy to run things down that do not want to stay still, nor do they have the stamina to run from being chased.

   These legs have chased, only to catch up, and have to chase again. These legs have chased only to lose everything! These legs have chased far too many times.

   These legs do not want to run down the hill for one of those proverbial cows. These legs want to walk down, but has no interest in ALL of those cows. If the cows run, then they run. I'll just watch them run in fear when no fear is justified, then turn to enjoy the view of the hill.

   If you want to run, then go. These legs are no longer chasing. Maybe one day it will be realized that the attempted chase was worthless and a waste of time. Maybe the run won't be too far, and maybe You will have enough energy to return, for THESE legs have no more...

                                                   ... These legs are no longer chasing.